I am definitely not a wine snob


(I don’t know enough about it for starters)


But since my mid-20s,

I have always had a bit of a prejudice

against rose wines.


Before that, my experience of rose

was the famous echo falls / blossom hill

white grenache….


Sweet & syrupy.


OK if that’s your thing, but I have since

been of the opinion that rose is for teenagers

and/or those who don’t really like wine.


HOWEVER, yesterday Leon and I went

down to a local good food market, which just happens

to take place right outside my fave wine bar!

(Le Vignoble, Plymouth)


Now, the sun was shining and Leon & I

treated ourselves to an uber healthy

Mediterranean wrap (which was delish)


so I thought it would be rather rude not

to also treat myself to a small vino to accompany

said wrap.


And I do NOT know what came over me,

but for some reason I was drawn to a rose!


Before my mind could correct itself

my body had taken over and pressed the button.


(If you haven’t been there they have a fancy

‘vending machine’ for wines – dangerous!)


Anyway, turns out, not all rose is like

blossom hill!


This was pale and light and fruity but


(Literally salivating right now!)


Now there is a point to me telling you this…


(Apart from to encourage you to nip

down and treat yourself to a rose!)


And that is this:


If I had forever allowed my preconceived opinion

of the rose wine to prevent me

from drinking it, I could have missed out

on a lifetime of ‘strawberry-noted’ pleasure!!


Likewise, if you allow one bad experience

from your past to prevent you from trying things

in the future, you too could be missing out.


Just cos you tried Slimming World and hated

it, does not mean that you are destined

for a life of no energy, low self-esteem and

weight issues.


Not all health programs are the same.


Just ask my Superwomen 😉


Hanni ‘love the vine’ Melnicenko


P.S. VERY exciting news coming for everyone

who signed up to be considered for my

‘guinea pig’ trial.. Should be landing in

inboxes this week so keep an eye out!


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