Tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversay

of Mum’s death.


It’s kinda crept up on me this year

as I have been so busy working on

the businesses, planning travels

and more.


But of course, at important

times like these, one becomes



I literally cannot believe how my life

has changed in the last 2 years.


Then I was run down, worn out,

lacking energy and lustre!


And now I am here, working

with incredible women like you.


Helping them to increase their self-esteem,

gain new levels of energy,

lose weight & feel confident in their

own skin.


And generally, to love

themselves and WANT to take care of

their bodies for their own sake as well as

that of their families.


But you know what? This morning I

have had a bit of a reality check.


See, you know why my coaching

program works so well for these women?




They get guidance and support, advice

and knowledge.


But knowledge without action is nothing.


It’s all very well and good knowing

what you should be eating to nourish

your body, but it’s only going to benefit

you if you APPLY that knowledge.


OK, so you know you need more sleep –

you’re always tired. But simply KNOWING

that yet continuing to give yourself only 6

hours isn’t going to give you more



And in my moment of reflection this

morning, I owned up to myself:


I don’t always APPLY and TAKE ACTION

on what I know.


Most of the time, I’m pretty good.


And in some areas I am better than others.


(Rarely do I go to bed later than 10 and

often do I forget to drink enough water!)


So, I have decided to really put my money

where my mouth is, and employ a health



^^ Yep, you read that right! ^^


See, I BELIEVE in the system.


I KNOW that having a health coach has

got many women on my programs

incredible results.


And I KNOW that for many, the main

reason is that they are being held accountable.


My Superwomen are making small

changes, one day at a time, that

will, over time, lead them to

incredible health (mind, body & soul).


So if I know it works, shouldn’t I

invest in MY health, too?


Yes, I should!

So I will.


Hanni ‘it’s one thing knowing & another doing’ Melnicenko


P.S. I don’t know whether you saw my

email yesterday but Leon & I have decided

to open the doors for a limited time only

to our STOMP! women’s outdoor walking

fitness classes in Plymouth.

Hit reply if you want more info.


🙂 x




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