As you read this right now,

think about the moment. reading, yes, and there are

probably a whole load of other things

going on on your computer or phone.


But what about your body?

How does that feel?


And the area around you? Maybe there

are other people near you?


Take a pause and become aware

of this moment.


As we go about each day, we often feel

stressed about the things we need to

do, things we haven’t done,

things we should do.


We stress about the future.


We procrastinate to put off a particular



We feel we aren’t good enough and

compare ourselves to others.


We replay conversations and situations

in our heads, even though they have already

happened and there is nothing we

can do to change them.


It’s all in our heads. But it’s all fantasy.


Here’s the reality of THIS moment:


You’re OK. Actually – you’re better than OK.


There are so many things to be grateful

for in this moment.


And there are things that ONLY exist

in this moment, like the combination

of sounds, smells & light around you.


And you, too, will never be the same again.


You see, we think of ourselves as

unchanging entities.


But the fact is, we are constantly changing.


By the time you have finished reading this,

you will not be the same person as you

were before you read it.


And that person was different from the

person who woke up this morning.


Because small (and sometimes not-so-small)

things happen to us every moment that

change us.


So the you that is you right now could change

‘just like that’.


This you will never exist again.


That’s the reality of this moment so don’t miss it!


Hanni ‘in the k-now’ Melnicenko


P.S. This is an AMAZING way to bring things

back when life seems to be taking over.


Throughout the day, as you become

absorbed in your tasks (and your stress)

simply ask: “what is the reality of this moment?”


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