Those of you who have been following my

emails for some time now may remember

that I have a good friend, Jo, who runs

an amazing home bakery.


She does awesome ‘pop-up’ tea rooms at events.


When she has said event approaching, it’s

‘all hands on deck’ to pull everything together

in the last 48 hours.


And I provide a couple of those hands.


Now I’m not really a fan of manual labour 😉

It’s not really something I ‘do’.


(If you can “get someone in” to do something,

why do it yourself?!)


But for a friend in need, I am ‘happy’ to make



So my role is usually helping out in the kitchen,

a couple of days before the event, to get the final baking



Jo has one of these events tomorrow, so yesterday

we absolutely NAILED the baking in record time.


(We have really got sh*t down now as we’ve done it

a couple of times this year already.)


And this morning I helped her set up the venue.


And I thought I had done my bit.


Except sadly (for me), one of Jo’s other helpers

can’t make ‘event day’ now.


So I felt compelled to offer my services.


Oh, heck!


Actual working – in an actual tea room.


So there is literally no point to this email other

than to say if you want to witness an

event even more rare than a lunar eclipse…..


You can come and see me washing dishes at

the Plymouth Guildhall tomorrow 🙂


Hanni ‘get a man in’ Melnicenko


P.S. Actually, ‘entertainment’ aside, the event

is the AMAZING Miss Ivy Events’

“All Things Lovely & Vintage Fair”.


There will be craft workshops and a host of

artisan and vintage suppliers/creators

selling their fab wares.


I believe the forecast is a bit iffy,

so it will be a great way

to spend your Saturday, having a mooch,

and of course, EATING CAKE!


(It’s allowed under the 80/20 rule, remember?!)


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