How do you start your week?


Filled with excitement about what lies ahead?


Or exhausted, worn out & run down from

your busy weekend and just desperate to get

to Friday already?


I’m guessing that very many of you will be nearer

the latter……


So ‘busy’ during the week with work, kids,

dogs, cats, hamsters, husbands etc

that you save all the ‘fun’ stuff for the weekend….


Only then you have so much fun (including just vegging)

that you leave

yourself knackered and unequipped to

deal with the weekday slog….


And so a vicious circle forms.


Sounding about right?


Can’t be bothered at work, dreading the run-around

after school from netball to picking up something

for tea on the way home


because you ‘didn’t have time’ to think about it

at the weekend.


Then having to make bloody dinner, load

the dishwasher and put a wash on before FINALLY

managing to grab 5 minutes peace and a glass of

wine whilst in the back of your mind


running through a very similiar-looking scenario for



Goodness I am EXHAUSTED thinking about it!


And I bet you are too.


Which is why I know that even though

you KNOW that you should

plan ahead, get your meals prepped, drink more

water etc, and you KNOW that it sounds so simple,


You just don’t seem to have the time or the inclination

to do any of it.


You’re trapped in this cycle.


You know you’d feel better if you ate better, got out

for a walk, drank more water & less wine but wow- this

week is just NOT the right week to start… Too much on.


But then you get racked with the guilt too.


So why not make this week DIFFERENT.


Do you know, you HAVE THE POWER

to change all of this.


All you have to do is make a choice.


That fear you have of having to plan all your meals

and the effort of remembering to drink your

water or worse still, having to get up 20 minutes earlier

to fit in a brisk walk….


Is it really the worst thing you can imagine?


Or is the reality of staying the same worse?


You decide.


Hanni ‘love Mondays’ Melnicenko


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