So sorry you haven’t heard from me

for a few days and THANK you to all

the lovely ladies who took the time to

email me to say you were missing me too 🙂


Been mega-manic at SWHQ so

I’ve loads to tell you but I’ll try to keep

it brief as I know you’re busy.


Actually, thinking about it, not much

you need to know at all as the large

majority of it is ‘boring’ aka work

(not SW work: other business stuff)


But the big & fun news is that we’re

going to be working from

Spain for 3 months

this Summer.


Needless to say we’re uber excited

but have LOADS to sort out

before we go.


Today we’re off to get the dogs’

passports! Sadly, they DON’T have

to have a passport photo done


“Chester, don’t smile;

Cleo, stop tilting our head to your

good side”!!!)


^^ That literally cracks me up every

time I think about it ^^


BUT on a YOU note – something I’ve

really noticed this last week or so…


When things get manic,

it’s easy for bad habits to creep in.


It’s easy to forget to drink your water.


It’s easy to pour yourself a glass (or bottle)

of wine at the end of the day.


It’s easy to skip the morning walk in

exchange for ‘just 5 more minutes’ in bed 😉


But it’s when the going gets tough that

you NEED these good habits even more.


And this is why this week I found myself

a walking buddy.


See, accountability keeps me in check.


You can’t just hit snooze when your pal’s

waiting outside your front door!


I have also SCHEDULED (as in, set an

appointment, with a reminder, in my calendar)

my calm time.


And I have set an alarm. But not one to

wake up, one to go to bed!


And when times get manic for you too,

I want you to do these things.


In fact it wouldn’t hurt to do them all

the time. As standard.


Hanni ‘Viva Espana’ Melnicenko


P.S. You BET I’ll be walking even

further and even faster before I set sail,

as well as making sure I stick to

my 5 Core Principles.


I gotta make some room in the waistband

for the Sangria eh? (Just kidding, it will

be counted towards my 20% (80/20 rule

of eating healthy). AND my 7 a day (well

there’s a shit-load of fruit in it! Reckon Pimms

counts too 😉

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