Believe it or not, I too sometimes have a hard time
maintaining my focus and
dedication to my healthy lifestyle.

At the moment, (especially as it’s that
annoying time of the month,
when hormones are all over the place)

All I seem to want is chocolate.

From time to time (now being one of those

I also lose my enthusiasm for cooking.

Which means that I get lazy in
the kitchen, unimaginative with
meals and therefore end up making
boring, uninspiring grub.

Every evening, that dreaded feeling…

“What the hell am I going to cook tonight?”

I always manage to conjure something up
but what strikes me is this:

When one thing goes off track, likely
everything else does too.

I start generally feeling crap

“Why can’t I get my shit together?”

And then I can’t be bothered to go for
my walk……

And I’m not in the mood to chill out.

I just want to eat chocolate & drink wine lol!

So what do I do about it when I get
myself in to this rut?

I turn to my Superwomen for inspiration!

After all, they have been trained by the best 😉

Every day, they post in our private
members’ group….

Telling one another about their successes,
sharing recipes, brainstorming ‘obstacles’,
and helping one another along.

And they may not realise it, but as
well as inspiring one another, they may not
know it but they inspire me too…

Hanni ‘they’ve got my back’ Melnicenko

P.S. That exciting news re the GP trial
is coming soon….. I promise!

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