Before I started on this journey I had

a really hard time dragging myself

out of bed in the morning.


I used to DREAD that alarm clock going

off. And when it did, I’d hit snooze.


I’d mentally negotiate more time with myself…


Have a grope of my hair in the darkness –

yep, I could get away without washing it today,

that would buy me 10 more minutes.


And with each hit of ‘snooze’ I was effectively

negotiating myself in to looking more & more



I would wear a top that didn’t need ironing

I could just do ‘basic face’

I’d definitely skip breakfast.


All for that precious extra 5 minutes in bed.


And when I finally landed at work at 8am,

I was still half asleep most of the time.


Not a great start to the day.


See, my clock was all-out, and my body

was a bit of a wreck.


My diet was poor and I didn’t drink enough

water and that definitely played a part.


But I didn’t EVER value bedtime & quality

sleep. I didn’t respect that my body

was NEVER given a chance to recover, repair

& recharge.


I ate tea late, then watched a film most nights,

then went to bed with my phone,

did the usual checks, facebook etc.


Checked my emails to see if there was anything

that I could get ahead on before the morning,


Then went to bed completely wired, wondering

why I couldn’t get to sleep and why I

woke so often in the night, tossing and turning,

unable to switch my brain off.


Is this sounding familiar?




Sleep is not only essential for obvious

reasons, like energy, concentration etc.


But if you are trying to lose weight,

few people realise that sleep is said by many

to be AS important to weight

management as exercise.


^^^ Bet you didn’t know that? ^^^


So how do we combat this viscious

cycle of poor sleep and feeling like shit

from tiredness & lack of energy?


Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Keep your bedroom tidy.
    I am the QUEEN of the floordrobe,
    but I can tell you that a messy bedroom
    creates a bad energy flow. You may
    not realise it but if you are not sleeping
    well this could be a huge factor
  2. Make your bedroom a device-free-zone.
    Your bedroom should be for sleep & sex.
    If you regularly have your ipad, phone, TV
    or other electrical devices in your bedroom
    you need to quit. The artificial light they
    give off stimulates the mind, not to mention
    the content you are reading/watching.
    What did we do 20 years ago before we
    had electronics? Slept a lot sounder I’m guessing.
  3. Create a bedtime routine. We do it with babies and
    children for good reason. Having a routine such
    as having a lavender bath followed by a
    warm drink EVERY night will tell your body it’s
    time to start winding down.
  4. Get a minimum of 8 hours a night.
    For every adult your optimum sleep
    time is different. Most are around the 8 hour mark.
    I usually have 9, Leon needs around 7.
    Experiment and find your optimum by going
    to bed at the same time every night and
    seeing when you wake naturally.
    (I recommend doing this when you and/or
    the kids are on holiday to save oversleeping!)

    Once you have found your optimum time,
    you’ll begin to wake naturally every day. I very
    rarely use an alarm and very rarely need to.

  5. Go to bed earlier.
    An hour before midnight is worth 2 after!
    I cannot stress this enough. I go to bed
    at 10.30 at the latest and rarely feel tired
    during the day.

I hope that helps. I recommend picking one or two of

these action points and trying them out.


Please let me know which ones you’ll try and

how you get on.


Hanni ‘Mr Sandman’ Melnicenko


P.S. I mean it, hit reply and tell me what

you’re going to do. Putting it in writing and knowing

you have someone to hold you accountable

makes you 10 times more likely to do it.


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