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Case Studies

I’m struggling

Believe it or not, I too sometimes have a hard time maintaining my focus and dedication to my healthy lifestyle. At the moment, (especially as it’s that annoying time of the month, when hormones are all over the place) All I seem to want is chocolate. From time to time (now being one of those […] Read more…

Charlie’s Story


“After having my second child I had a lot of weight to shift to get back to my pre-wedding days. I had gained over 2 stone during pregnancy and needed a drastic but realistic life-changinghelp. I was knackered all the time and felt like crap. I knew I needed to get my mojo back but the thought of the gym made me feel physically sick! Then […] Read more…

Mary’s Story

Mary before & now smaller

“I’ve always been big since 12/13 year old. I’ve struggled with weight and food. It’s been a demon; it’s been a comfort; it’s been there all through my life. I’ve dieted all my life, on and off a typical yoyo dieter! I’ve lost weight before and piled it all back on again and more. A […] Read more…