It’s tiring work being a Superwoman eh?


Here’s a rundown of my (slightly dull)

day yesterday


Made breakfast and packed J off to school

Had a shower

Made a smoothie for Leon & me

Caught up on emails & other admin

Walked the dogs

Made lunch

Put washing & dishwasher on

More admin

Had a coaching call with my mentor

Picked J up from school to take him to hairdressers

Put dinner on

Walked dogs

Ate dinner

Helped J clean kitchen & reload dishwasher etc

Sat down


Went to bed


Sound like an average day to you?


Well sometimes it’s even worse than that and it



And being tired and worn out means

getting snappy with the other half & having arguments

no patience with the kids which makes them play up

Can’t concentrate properly at work,

missing deadlines etc


Especially at this time of year… (Martha Stewart)


So just a quick reminder today to



As well as, if not better than, you look after

everyone else.


Get your greens which are an incredible

way to naturally boost your energy.


Also packed with vitamin C to protect

you against colds, flu & anything even



Make sure you get plenty of sleep.


And prioritise….


Does ‘that thing’ really need doing today

(or ever)?


Or could you really make time to put your feet up

with a delicious energy-packed smoothie

and a mag instead?


Here’s a special gift for you….

A FREE copy of Paul Mort’s

Smoothies Recipe Book!


Don’t share this one though, it’s just for you 😉


Hanni ‘love my greens’ Melnicenko


P.S. I know I already said this, but please don’t share

the link – it’s only for you special people on my

email list 🙂

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