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  • More energy, so that you can enjoy every day to the full. You will be more successful in your career and have more energy to run around after your children or grandchildren.
  • Help to keep that muffin top at bay, so that you feel more confident and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • To be fitter, faster & stronger, helping you look & feel younger, reduce the risk of osteoperosis, and giving you nicely toned arms & a defined waist.
  • To learn about how to NEVER have to diet again. Meaning you can ditch the yo-yoing, maintain a comfortable weight, and feed your whole family real, healthy food for life.
  • To improve your self esteem. To feel so good about yourself, literally EVERY area of your life is improved.

Before I tell you what The Superwoman Project is, let me tell you who is is NOT suitable for (saves you wasting your time reading any further).

It’s not for you if you not really that bothered about being in great health.

If you’re happy with the feeling of being out of control with your lifestyle, being constantly knackered and knowing you aren’t looking after yourself properly, it’s not for you.

This program isn’t for you if you’re already happily choosing to eat foods that make you feel energised.  If you don’t suffer from cravings, you aren’t low on energy, and you feel content with your current lifestyle, The Superwoman Project will be a pointless waste of time for you.

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If you’re frustrated with feeling exhausted, struggling to maintain a healthy weight, having no zest for life, being moody and snappy and trying fad diets that either don’t work or just leave you craving all the foods you actually enjoy, this is for you.

If you feel under pressure to make ‘the right food choice’, depressed that you can’t make it stick, or like you’re letting yourself down, then I want to help you.

You’re not alone

Many women are frustrated at how hard it can seem to get control of their diet, exercising, sleeping and stress habits.

Successful people, just like you, with just about every other aspect of your life totally in control.  Why should your nutrition & wellness be so different?

And why should it make you feel so bloody frustrated and angry at yourself that you can’t get on top of it?

Imagine how you will feel when making smart food choices that will help you feel better, more energised, healthier and in control is no longer an effort but just a way of life.

How will your life be different?

I know that you’re no fool.

You’re well aware that it’s about more than just calories in, calories out.

You try so damned hard: trying different diets but frustratingly it’s not enough to get you to where you want to be.

Even worse, it’s such hard bloody work that your ‘results’ hardly seem worth the effort.

I know.

I get it.

When I designed The Superwoman Project, I wanted to create something that not only gives you the tools you need (what to eat, when to eat, sleep, drink, how to exercise etc.) but the support and mindset shifts you need if you’re going to make this stick.

In short, The Superwoman Project is a fully supported, 12 week coaching program where you’ll learn how to nourish your body for maximum energy and easy weight management. You’ll learn how to create more energy, you’ll develop your self-esteem. You will be eating quality “clean” food and water, and learn more about nutrition and how the body works than most personal trainers know.

There’s a lot of confusion about health & wellbeing, and in particular, nutrition; what are the best foods to eat, what should you avoid or reduce etc.  How should you eat so we have enough energy for your everyday busy life, yet maintain a healthy weight?

(And that’s before you even think about the psychology of food, as very few of our diet decisions are based purely on logic (we know the hobnobs are bad for us, yet they still end up in our mouth!))

So have a good look through the site, check out the blog and if you do nothing else, click here to claim your free gift & sign up for my motivational daily emails. 

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